May 17, 2005


Saturday we made our first official visit to Everett to celebrate Stephanie Germani's birthday. Stephanie and her husband Mark were gracious hosts in their new home. Stephanie prepared enough food for an Osmond family reunion but she continually fretted that there was not enough and worried that people would perish from starvation. Ultimately, this is because she is Italian and not the result of any hostess anxiety disorder. There was chocolate, pretzels, little pastry cups filled with various tasty combinations, veggie chips, two kinds of homemade chocolate chip cookies, shrimp cocktail, baby carrots, candied nuts, Asian pears and Stilton on little toast squares, baked ziti and meatballs, chicken fingers, salad, and two homemade cakes - one with layers of pudding and strawberries and one chocolate with Heath Bar crumble topping. Now that I think of it, we could have used a few more items - you know, just for some variety. Next time, Steph.

After the other guests had gone J and I got to dig into the personal photo albums. I love looking at pictures of folks I don't know. Plus, you never know when you will be treated to a blatant cleavage shot or a sitting on the toilet shot. It's the chance you take, you know? Then there was the ping pong competition. Ping pong is more fun than I remember it as a child. I think this is because now I can freely curse and say any rude thing I please. But there is still a good deal of rule bending. For instance, why limit yourself to the ping pong table as the game surface, right Steph? When there are four walls and a ceiling, who needs the table? Table? We dun need no stinkin' table! If you play with Steph, it's best to don protective gear like a helmet, goggles, a breast plate and a cup.

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  1. Steph2:49 PM

    Just to be historically acurate, the chocolates were homemade, the pretzels were pumpernickel, there were also what seemed to some guests like an endless supply of devilled eggs with lump crabmeat and those were not layers of pudding in the cake -- it was French vanilla mousse.
    And of course the party guests went home with loot bags.