May 07, 2005


This morning we arrived early at The Seattle Tilth's Edible Plant Sale. It was a bit of a zoo. People get really crazy when it comes to the edibles, man. There were a few elbows and some shoves. I picked out a couple of plants and then stepped aside. J is much more adept at working a crowd. My first instinct is to throttle everyone and I can't take the closeness. But J remains calm. If you click on the photo here, it will take you to a larger image. If you look carefully down the center of the middle table, you can see J leaning over the left side of the table with her right arm extended. She is wearing a green sweater.

We picked up some tomatoes - Urbikany, Black Prince, and Taxi Yellow; peppers - Bulgarian Carrot Chile, Sweet Gourmet, Boldog Hungarian, and Spice Sweet Paprika; one Swallow Eggplant, a couple varieties of summer squash, one kind of winter squash, some Merlot Lettuce, some Thyme, and some Thai Basil. Next year we are going to be volunteers for this event. That way we gain access to the pre-sale. Volunteering for
The Seattle Tilth is a good idea anyway but pre-sale access is a real motivator.

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