May 25, 2005


i've been busy. work is actually steady right now. i do have pictures and stories to share from last weekend's overnight camping trip. and i'm really looking forward to the three day weekend.

yesterday was the first chance in over a week to work in the garden and i took full advantage of it. the weather was perfect and i was quickly covered in dirt, cuts, a few bruises, and probably a little slug guts. sowed more arugula, parsnips, spinach, and some nutri-red carrots. harvested and ate a fair amount of bok choi. very tasty. discovered the first ripening strawberry of the season but i fully expect to lose it to the slugs. planted some sunflowers that i had started indoors. J assisted in securing the peas we have in a large container. they are growing every which way. she slid into McGyver mode to fasion a plant "girdle" out of an empty soda bottle and some zip ties to keep some other plant in order. i noticed that my echinacea (purple cone flower) is thriving though hasn't yet bloomed. the holly hocks are well on their way, the hosta has a couple flowers coming, and the lillies i bought 2 years ago from the grocery store have come back for the second year in a row. thought the lemon balm was dead after it wintered outside. a severe pruning a couple of months ago has resulted in an abundance of new growth. The coleus is brilliant and the columbine healthy.

today after work i must purchase more dirt so i can bury the potato plants. they are out of control and i've got no extra dirt in the yard. if i want potatoes i need more dirt. the peppers and eggplants will begin their life in the straw bale garden today. more seeds will be sown outside for beets, carrots, bunching onions and more seeds have been started indoors for basil and sunflowers.

one of the rhododedrons died so we are considering a birdbath for the empty space. any ideas for an inexpensive yet attractive birdbath? drop me an email.

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