May 31, 2006

Today I Saw...

A great blue heron at Seward Park. It's typical to see them at this very spot.

May 30, 2006


Though I discuss food on this blog, I longed for a food blog to call my own. There are so many other food blogs that I enjoy that I couldn't wait much longer. Whether or not anyone reads it, I need to create and maintain it. Food only to be found at Cucina Bodanza.

May 27, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging #51

Per usual, Henry's work in the garden is contained to sleeping where I'm working. I was using the strawbale bed as a work area (the tomatoes won't go in for another couple weeks - weather has been crappy) so he followed, stopped, dropped and rolled. He always gives up the belly right away. Boy kitty slut.

Idgie's contribution to the garden was to flatten my soiless mix. I was wondering why she kept coming into the room with dirt on her underside. Sure, she goes out into the yard but isn't terribly adventurous. But I finally discovered the source of the dirty belly.

May 26, 2006


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Most of the peas never make it inside the house. I'd better sow a whole flat of more this weekend. Only about a third of what was originally planted made it to this point. And these few will soon be gone.

May 24, 2006


Saturday the kale and mizuna looked pretty good. Tuesday, after a fair amount of rain, it looked great. The difference might be slight to you but I noticed a big growth spurt.

Saturday's kale:

Tuesday's kale:

Saturday's mizuna:

Tuesday's mizuna:

May 22, 2006

So I had a busy day Saturday in the yard and in the house. In the house I managed to watch all the DVD's I borrowed from the library (they're due soon) while I repotted basil and lemon cukes and sowed two more flats full of salad greens and other stuff. But I also managed to get outside and assess what's growing. Plenty. We have been enjoying onions in various stages of growth, including the scapes. I'll be starting a flast full of bunching onions soon so they are ready to put in the ground in about a month when some soace becomes available here are there. Below are some shots of the state of things this weekend in the yard. Yesterday and today we are having plenty of rain so that makes me very happy.  Posted by Picasa
Beans are coming slowly this year. You can see a few of them along the right side of the shot. In the foreground we have bunching onions. Next is arugula and then nasturtiums in the background.  Posted by Picasa
Here we have some lettuces, some mizuna, and a few bak choi coming in.  Posted by Picasa
Some carrots finally appeared. To the left of the carrots are more carrots, waiting to sprout. The shallots are doing well and then there is some garlic that is just now starting to send up scapes. The bamboo sticks are my feeble attempt to keep out Henry. Some times it works and sometimes not so much.  Posted by Picasa
During the winter, this area is part of our cold frame. Currently, we have a few leeks, some kale and some beans along the back row. Beans are really going slowly this year.  Posted by Picasa
Here we have a space-saving technique in action. Between the onions I've planted arugula. Neither compete for the same space and this relationship can continue all season. This arugula will get eaten this week for sure. Some will be added to my white bean soup later tonight. This dirt that fills this make-shift bed came from last year's potatoes which had a bit of blight. Neither the onions nor the greens mind. But you will notice rouge potato starts in this bed. I'll just let them have at it. A few extra potatoes never hurt.  Posted by Picasa
Our potatoes are so far looking healthy. You can see two varieties in the foreground in the big Rubbermaid can and the small metal can. We also have two other varieties in two separate Rubbermaid storage bings. Keeping fingers crossed. Last year we had a bit o'the blight. Posted by Picasa

May 18, 2006

Lettuce pause...

I'm not sure what kind of lettuce is in the foreground. The leaves are large and the taste is quite good. In the background is young arugula. Both were added to some store-bought, organic greens for a really good salad. I clipped all the onion scapes and those will be added to a stiry fry tomorrow. They were a little too strong to use raw in the salad. Posted by Picasa

May 17, 2006

Today I saw...

...these great lavendar blooms in my yard. They smell wonderful and I'm looking for some recipes in which to use lavendar. Posted by Picasa

May 16, 2006


...gets published on bodanzarama so it pays to keep your nose clean. Julie and I spent almost three days in Las Vegas this month, hanging out with my mom, Steph, Dave and the dogs. It was lots of fun and very hot!

With temps in the high 90’s, we spent the days in shorts and t-shirts, under several layers of sun screen. We cooled off in the pool as much as we could. We have the sunburn to prove it. I think the sun in Las Vegas scoffs at SPF 30.

We belatedly celebrated Stephanie’s birthday and celebrated Mother’s Day early by stuffing and grilling Portobello mushroom caps (BO-BUTT Sept. ‘05) and grilling some Italian sausage with peppers and onions. On the side was roasted sweet potatoes and a big salad. Julie’s college friend, Annette, joined us for this feast. She even came back the next day to drive us around sight-seeing.

We were treated to a Heart concert at the Lake Las Vegas Resort where we had front row seats in front of a stage that floats on water. We were also treated to a bright full moon in the desert sky. Oh, and there was a limo. Not a bad way to travel, I must say. It was a great show but I think my ears are still ringing. Front row translates into “in front of the speakers.”

Thanks to Dave, Steph, mom, and Annette for showing us a very fun time.
The glamorous Vegas lifestyle isn't limited to gambling and seeing fancy shows.

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Dave and J-Lo's mom.

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The CEE-ment pond.

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Dave and J-Lo. How appropriate.

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J prepares the portobello mushrooms.

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Dinner hits the grill.

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Gimpy and Macy play catch.

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Unfortunately, this shot of Cassie is blurry. But she's still cute.

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Macy takes the lounge chair for herself.

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A view of the Vegas Strip in the distance. Closer is the Red Rock Casino, bathed in blue light.

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After dinner chit chat. The dogs are still waiting for food to fall.

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A somewhat crooked shot of the pool at night.

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