May 08, 2006


Last night I went to my first Seattle Storm game. In fact, it was my first professional basketball game of any kind. I'm not a sports fan or a fan of sports crowds. But J is a season ticket holder and D (co-season ticket holder) couldn't make it. And if a non-sports fan has to go to a sports event this is the team to watch.

I was surprised at how small a basketball court is. The movies and TV make the floor look as if it goes on forever. I was releived to discover that Storm games aren't full of rowdy, drunk guys yelling. And no T&A because the "cheerleaders" are kids ranging in age from what appeared to be 4 to about 17. It's a family event (and a family event!).

I twas easy and affordable to park. It wasn't too crowded. We don't buy concessions so there was no standing in lines. J's tickets are pretty good.

Granted it was a pre-season game but still. I think it's not unlikely that I will be willing to attend another game when a ticket needs to be used. Here are a whole bunch of photos.

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