February 18, 2008

Hope Is Not Lost Part 4

Today it was Carkeek Park. Only a couple of photo opps but what a glorious day for sun and blue sky and a walk in the woods. The trails go up and down and over and through. There is an overpass to get you across the train tracks and I shot a couple pics from that overpass but the wind was too much for us. We were slightly underdressed for the beach's wind because we had considered the ups and downs of hiking when getting dressed. Another day.

Hope Is Not Lost Part 3

Headed to the Arboretum. Walked all through it and along the boardwalks that run along the surface of Lake Washington. The boardwalks run all the way to the Museum of History and Industry. From there you can close the loop by catching Lake Washington Blvd. back to the Arboretum. LOTS of walking but what a great day for it.

The rich, beautiful bark of a cherry tree.
Spotted a well-camouflaged heron sitting in a tree. He's either grooming or very shy.
Looking west at the Montlake Bridge and the Montlake Cut.

Cormorants and crows watching the world go by.

S looking toward the UW stadium. She has a story about the day that she heard and saw that giant overhang on the right side collapse. This was while the stadium was still under construction. Another reason I don't do sports.

Hope Is Not Lost Part 2

I hope this is an indication of the weather today.

February 17, 2008

Hope Is Not Lost Part 1

Spring will come. I now know it's true. What a beautiful day. Headed to Lincoln Park. A fair amount of descent to get from our place to the water. Then you have to get back up. I opted for the stairs that begin after you have climbed back up from the water and crossed Fauntleroy. S opted for the surface streets that switchback up to California. Here I am looking up at the first set of stairs.

At the mid-point looking back.

Looking up at the next and last set of stairs. Almost there.

February 08, 2008

Route 21

On my way downtown to meet S for lunch. It's nice to get on the bus early in the route.

Speeding across the bridge.