November 12, 2009

Don't Sit So Close - It'll Ruin Your Eyes

Misu is a smart cat. I think it's because I only allow her to watch educational programming on the computer and no TV.
She really enjoyed this episode of The Rest of Everest.

November 07, 2009

Rainy Day Nap (cats only)

Hey, might be moving over to WordPress. Still learning the ropes. No decision has been made yet. In the meantime, check out my first official post at the WordPress bodanzarama.

What do you think?

November 02, 2009

Who will die first...

Before I post again? Hard to say. Summer was gone in a flash. And we are recently back from two weeks in Turkey. I'm working feverishly to edit, sort, arrange about 3,ooo shots into a manageable 300 or so for a blog dedicated to the trip. I'm also gathering info and facts and memories. Labor intensive but a labor of love. In the meantime, I will post a few entertaining shots like this one from my last trip to the grocery store.

Live from my G1!