August 01, 2006


We are enjoying the garden almost every day. Even if we just snip fresh herbs. We haven't purchased braising greens or salad greens in a long time. There is no shortage of green leafy stuff. Though still on the small side, we have eaten a few beets and carrots and they were very good. We have begun harvesting red onions. They turned out very healthy. Shallots are ready as well (see all of this in below photo). And Sunday we ate the first potatoes. The smallest container in which we grew potatoes didn't produce too many (about 16 of any size and a handful of grape-sized ones) but they were very delicious once par-boiled then roasted on the grill. Makes the outside crispy and keeps the inside soft. And we are finally eating green beans! We will have the second batch tonight for dinner. I have two lemon cucumbers! The plants have never done very well for me but I enjoy the few cukes I manage to get.

This weekend I sowed more carrots, beets, turnips and a new patch of arugula and two types of mustard green. The cooler temps should allow these greens to thrive. As we eat more stuff I'll start planting more lettuces. We ate the last batch of that last night in a great salad.

In the seed flats I sowed broccoli, cabbage, bok choi, rainbow chard and more peas.

Tonight we are going to make a Caprese Salad with our own basil and our own tomatoes. Doesn't get any better than that.