November 12, 2009

Don't Sit So Close - It'll Ruin Your Eyes

Misu is a smart cat. I think it's because I only allow her to watch educational programming on the computer and no TV.
She really enjoyed this episode of The Rest of Everest.


  1. Jeannie10:04 PM

    She watched an Iranian netflix with me. I asked her to translate for me. She did.

  2. I'm glad she has been enjoying the show and hopefully learning something!

    Maybe she'd enjoy the film as well? Email me and I'll ive you guys access to the bonus materials I mention at the end of every episode.

    Jon Miller

  3. Jeannie, you didn't tell me she was a polyglot.

    John, Thanks for stopping by! I'll email you right now because I would love to see the extra footage. Love TROE since the first season! Thanks!