May 06, 2005

Last night at Boot Camp there were more push-ups. Not as many but they were hard to do. Still sore. Discovered I can do the plank for the full 30 secs. x 2. Can even lift a leg for a couple secs. each time. And am pleased to learn that the side plank done on the BOSU is not a problem. Can even do the leg lifts too. Encouraging. Really enjoy the medicine ball work. Will research where to purchase and who has the best price.

Looking forward to walking with Sally today. It's a great break from the work day. About 50 mins. to an hour. We climb up to Capitol Hill, make a big loop and head back down. Today the goal is bubble tea. Since it's at the top of the hill, it's kind of like the prize, the reward. Usually there is no sweet treat reward but today for some reason we think we deserve one. A visual reward is found along Melrose. Lovely terraced gardens spill from the backs of high-rise condos and apartments. So far, it's not raining. If it cna just stay dry for another 70 mins. we're good to go.

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