May 08, 2005


This morning marked the season's opening of The West Seattle Farmer's Market. Plenty of vendors with lots of fresh, organic produce, cheeses, meats, jams, breads, etc., plus flowers and some hand crafts. We grabbed carrots, Italian Kale, baby pak choi, green garlic (similar to a scallion), salad onions, a few coleus plants for the flower bed, and a bag of mixed greens to saute for tonight's dinner. Buying directly from the people who grow and/or produce the food is important. Less waste, less transportation, fresher product, less mystery about what went into getting the food to your table, and an enormous difference in the strain on the environment when you shop organically and locally. Find out when your neighborhood's market opens at The Neighborhood Farmers' Market Alliance.

Back at home we had lunch and then headed out again, this time on foot, to the International District to finish up the produce shopping and to walk out the sore muscles from all of yesterday's yardwork. Loaded the backpacks again with lots of yummy, fresh fruits and veggies. More importantly, we made it home before the rain began. Currently, there is a steady drizzle coming down but my garden loves it.

Happy Mother's Day.

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