May 17, 2005


We wound down the weekend with a trip to the grand opening of the Broadyway Farmers Market on Capitol Hill. It was pretty low key, it's not terribly big and the weather was uncooperative so we didn't stay long. We spotted and avoided Peggy's Bakery Organica. Peggy is a little intense about her bread. Granted, it was pretty tasty, but I'm not sure it will cure cancer - one of many claims she made during her manic spiel to us a couple of weeks ago at the West Seattle Farmers Market. She worked on the crust for three years, she's the only bakery not subsidized by the government because she does not use wheat, which, by the way, has taken 120 years off our lives. This bread she makes is the bread that our ancestors made 10,000 years ago, it's traveling bread, it will last on your counter-top for 10 days - how about a loaf? Whoa, slow down I just got to the market. It would be one thing if she barked these claims with a little wink and a smile but she doesn't smile. She is convinced of everything she says. It's good to be passionate about your work but she was a little frightening. To be fair, she is doing great bakery work and she is comitted to bringing the freshest, best product to the markets. She believes in whole foods, organic foods, old fashioned methods. Her bread is delicious. But she was a bit much. Next time, I think I will walk right up to her and just hand her the $$, get the bread and get out of there.

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