May 08, 2005


strawberry bed
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After buying vegetables and visiting gardens that belong to other people, we came home and set to work on our own green space. Some fresh compost and top soil were needed in some areas. Plenty of weeding is always on the To Do list. We planted most of the plants we purchased plus some that I had started from seed. J cleaned up the strawberry patch and created a rock border with huge pieces of rock from the alley. The plants are thriving. They look much better than last year. She also rearranged existing rocks and newly found rocks behind the entire bed that borders neighbor G's yard which holds peas, pak choi, onions, merlot lettuce, spinach, arugula, and most of our herbs. Best of all, we cleaned the deck - repotted plants, swept away the dirt, and threw away the crap. It's once again a beautiful place to just sit and enjoy the weather.

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