May 02, 2005


Monday's suck. I had plans to work on the bolg today since my workload is slow. Lots to report from a busy weekend. But if you forget the cable to connect camera to computer, then there's no photo posting going on. And I also noticed when I logged on to bodanzarama that the entire list of "THOROUGHLY DIGGING" links is completely gone. What the hell is going on? I went to investigate but discovered that I am no longer able to access MyMediaList from work. This is the tool I use to make and post the lists. Suddently, it's restricted from the server I use. Yeah, lists of books and music you like is pretty subversive so it's best to block that stuff. Good thing I can still acess CNN and all the violent and graphic pics, videos, and stories. Good thing I'm allowed to access the NRA. But I'm not allowed to read The Stranger from my work computer.

So blogging has come to a standstill. Can't fix MyMediaList and can't post any pictures. Will work on blog stories and then do a massive posting tomorrow morning. Could post pics from home using
Flickr ('s MAC campatible photo posting foks) but it isn't nearly as user friendly as Picasa ('s PC compatible tool) and has virtually no photo editing tools.

Very heavy sigh.

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