April 14, 2005

Yesterday was Andrea’s birthday and as is the custom around here, we lunched at Todai, a sushi buffet where the birthday celebrant eats for free. For the money, Todai is a great way to get your sushi grub on. It’s pretty darn tasty. In addition to tons of freshly prepared sushi, there are Japanese salads and sides, a full line of hot foods like meat dishes, soups, tempura, etc., a crepe station and a wide array of desserts. Personally, I avoid everything but the sushi. I make that my goal since I don’t eat the deep fried stuff anyway and can get sweets any time. I’m all about the sushi. We had a very good time, ate ourselves silly, caught up on work and personal gossip, and hung out with the birthday girl. Erin’s birthday is next - June 1. Keep your calendars and your pants open.

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