April 22, 2005


A beautiful day. Sunny and warm. After work I'm off to browse used books. I've collected another pile from the house that I've finished and can now sell. Besides, I'm almost done with the last book I've never read of my shifting collection. Some books you just don't want to give up. But I have a fraction of the books I once had. Could fit in four copy paper boxes at any given time. That's the most I ever want again. So I read and sell. Buy used, read, and sell. Always paperback. Never fiction.

Tonight we use our brains. We are headed to The Paramount to see Bill Moyers.

Tomorrow we get up early, hop the bus, and head over to the University District to use our brains and our bodies when we participate in another Cascade Orienteering Club street scramble. It's a three hour scramble to hit as many locations as possible and collect the requested data. Each stop you hit earns you points. Make it a race, make it a stroll, run, walk, bike, form a team, with kids and pets or on your own. Afterwards, while the points are being tallied, we are treated to a picnic lunch.

More brain/body combo work on Sunday when we explore the Salmon Bay Wildlife Corridor which runs from the Discovery Park Visitor Center to Golden Gardens in Ballard. Check out the map. Three miles each way, with a picnic lunch on the beach at Shillshole will help us stay loose and limber after the scramble.

Stay tuned for updates and pics of all this in addition to whatever agri-urban work I accomplish this week


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