April 25, 2005


The weather was great and the turn out huge for the 2005 Safeco University District Street Scramble carried out by the Cascade Orienteering Club. Headquarters was the University Heights Center. This historic building was University Heights School from 1903 to 1989. Historic photos grace the interior. The grounds are also home to a Community P-Patch, a neighborhood garden. More on the P-Patch program later.

As for the Street Scramble, participants may opt for the 90 minute or the three hour scramble. You can decide while you scramble so there’s no pressure. We opted for the three hour tour and we hustled. We walked at a brisk pace the entire time, covered over six miles, only breaking once to tie my shoes, once to check the map, and once to buy a snack. You can view the results here. Scroll down to the "3 hour FOOT" category. We are "Will Walk For Cheese" and placed 12th out of 15. Keep in mind that our division included runners. Also note that we did make it to more check points than the teams in 10th and 8th place. But the check points are valued by the distance from the starting line. Farther check points are worth more than closer check points. We did our best and we had fun. Afterwards, we chowed on picnic food. But we saved room for a bubble tea at Gossip Espresso & Tea on University Way (aka, "The Ave"). They really make a damn fine bubble tea. By the time we grabbed the bus for home, we were in a blissful bubble tea coma.

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