April 20, 2005


The Path to Freedom folks are one of the best examples of urban homesteading and self-sufficiency. Basically, they are on my list of heroes. I've had a link to thier site on bodanzarama from day one. How excited was I when last night J yelled up to me from downstairs, "Hey, did you know that bodanzarama is now a link on the Path to Freedom website?" Shut up! Get out! It's true. You can either go to the Path to Freedom home page and click on the Urban Daily Diary link in the left sidebar or go directly to the Urban Daily Diary. From the Daily Urban Diary page, bodanzarama can be found under Fellow Travelers which is toward the bottom of the page in the right sidebar.

I can't make biodeisel fuel yet, but i can grow veggies and be more self-sufficient in dozens of ways. It's a start.

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