April 12, 2005


It was a busy, productive, and fun weekend. Friday after work I was joined by Sally, Andrea and Sian for free wine tasting at Tarragona Food and Wine. This was the second installment of tasting wines from the Loire Valley. To accompany the sweet and spicy homemade veggie chili waiting for us at my house, Sian bought a bottle of wine with sweet pear overtones. For dessert, Sally bought some Blanxart dark chocolate. Blanxart is produced in Barcelona, in the Catalonia region of Spain. I was familiar with the chocolate before I visited Barcelona so I was really happy to find it was made there and readily available. To compliment the chocolate, Andrea bought the Vouvray featured in the tasting and some delicious goat cheese. The chili was a hit and we had a really great time. Sian, I have your socks. Uh, that sounds weird.

I was up early Saturday and Sunday morning and set to work running errands before the rest of Seattle rolled out of bed. Each day I made sure to get back home before the weekend warriors hit the stores. Once home, I fired up the weed-whacker and gave everything green within reach a crew cut, including the side of the house and the front slopes. I sowed new batches of seeds like parsnips, carrots, cilantro, nasturtiums, micro greens, sunflowers, spinach, and icicle radishes. Also started some seeds indoors for some herbs and for a couple types of tomatoes. This year we are going to buy the majority of out tomato plants to see how they compare to home grown plants. Picked up some lemon cucumber starts which are relaxing under the grow lights. While I was rolling around in the dirt this weekend I was very please to discover the abundance of vermiculture in our yard. Not sure that we will use straw as mulch again this Fall, but I can't deny that it broke down and brought on the worms! I repotted plants, purchased hummingbird feeders, weeded and weeded and weeded, discovered alien-sized strawberry runners going every which way, and tried hot pepper spray for the first time. The slugs are unphased but it should work for plenty of other pests. Will buy some cheap beer this week.

House projects kept me busy as well. Cleaned out closets, did lots of laundry, reorganized and purged my wardrobe and took stuff to the
Lifelong Aids Alliance thrift store, did all the grocery shopping, and managed to prepare myself three squares a day - every day.

This afternoon I pick up J from the airport. It is very good to have her back. I missed her. Then tonight I have
Boot Camp from 6:30 to 7:20. Busy, busy, busy. But today is the exception. Tomorrow life returns to normal and I can slow down a little. Phew.

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