April 15, 2005

QUEEN OF THE BOOBS (better than the King of Beers)

Lately it's all about food. I'm OK with that. Today, I was joined by Donna, Joanna, Kathi, Randie, Laura, Stephanie and Dave/Doug/Duane for lunch at Green Village in the International District. Joanna, who continues to claim that she is Chinese, swore that we could get authentic Chinese food at this place. Like we'd know if it wasn't? Anywhoooooo, Joanna was at least correct when she told us the food was good. It was really good. I think I speak for all of us when I say this. I had the Korean Noodle Soup. I was at first nervous to see a bowl bigger than my head arrive. I had forgtotten to specify that I wanted the small. But I ate the whole damn thing. It was full of broccoli, cabbage, carrot, mushrooms, onions, pork, shrimp, scallop, squid and lots of noodles. Stephanie declared that Green Village is the best food she has eaten in Seattle ever. She also admitted to only eating in about three or four different places since she moved here (one of them being McDonald's) so what does she know? Everyone was very pleased with Green Village.

There was bubble tea after that at Oasis Tea Zone. The Red Bean Milk Tea with tapioca pearls was today's flavor. I'd never tried red bean before and I liked it very much. I don't think I've ever repeated a bubble tea flavor more than twice because I keep trying new ones. Joanna, an educator at heart, instructed us in the origin of bubble tea. The drink began in Taiwan and is also called "boba." Boba is derived from the Cantonese words bo, for breast (but not Joanna's), and ba, something that is the best of the best, or someone who is the queen of something, the top of the line. So boba is the slang terminology for the tapioca pearls in the drink. Put it all together and you have the queen of the boobs tea.

Wait, I forgot about the stop to Cake House. Very yummy things to be found in there. Lots of coconut options. Picked up a coconut almond bun and a red bean paste bun for later this weekend. After all of this we crammed our bobas into Doug/Dave/Duane's Durango and drove back to work. I suggest we take another field trip soon. There must be something else Joanna can teach us.

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