April 21, 2005


SLUGS! More than ever before. As far as using beer as bait, I never understood this philosophy. Why would I want to attract them? Yes, I currently have some beer in the garden but after the last can of cat piss is gone, no more. I want to DIStract them. I want them to fear my garden. Instead, I've got an open bar and a vegetable buffet for the taking. I won't be defeated. I will grow peas and beans if it kills me. I have a plan. Stay tuned. If it's successful, I'll share it. If it fails, I'll never speak of it again.

In other garden news, the icicle radishes have sprouted. I'll plant a second crop this weekend. There will be fresh arugula in our salad this weekend. No sign yet of the potatoes. I'm worried. Strawberries are doing well and flowers have appeared. Surprisingly, the trillium I purchased at last year's UW plant sale aren't dead. In fact, I have four blossoms - two white and two a deep burgundy. And I thought for sure my lemon verbena was a casualty too but yesterday I noticed little green buds along the thin branches. This winter I will keep it in the house and treat it better. The lilacs in front of the house smell great. I'm sad that they are already on the decline. They only last a couple of weeks and they first appeared in the beginning of the month. Nothing gold can stay.

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