April 26, 2005


I love cheese. I don't eat a great deal of it but I love it. It's the main reason I could never become a vegan. Well, it's probably the only reason. Not that I'm considering following a vegan diet, though I do love food that is vegan. I'd give up meat in a heartbeat before I gave up cheese. In an attempt to bring cheese even closer to my heart and closer to my mouth, I've registered for a class through Discover U - Cheesemaking: A Traditional Art. Among other things, this three hour class will provide "an introduction to the lost art of home cheese making. You'll make and sample several types of cheese that are easy to make in your home kitchen like homemade mozzarella, goat cheese (chevre), indian paneer, feta and cheddar!" Next, I'll get a goat.

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