April 05, 2005


Life has been busy. I'm way behind in the garden thanks to the rain, I've been working on a DVD project that proved unsuccessful, I'm working on the April edition of the newsletter, I've got house projects in various stages of completion, and I still have to go to work for several hours each day and waste my precious time. However, this morning I took J to the airport for her visit home so I will have the next whole week to myself in order to reign in the projects and get back on track.

I'd like to welcome Sally to the wonderful world of the Internet. Sally has acquired some DSL and is now surfing the waves with the rest of us. Sally is digging the tunes coming out of
KCUV in Denver, her hometown. Since my house will also have DSL in about ten days, I will be listening soon. But I've visited the site and I'm looking forward to listening.

The Regence BlueShield building is extremely quiet at 5:30 a.m. Can't even get into the cafeteria for milk to go with my cereal. After I dropped J at the airport I came straight to work so I've been here since 5. I'll be leaving early today anyway.

More later, I promise.

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