March 03, 2005


Well, I received an email from Geocities, alerting me that my "website" has been neglected. If I don't update it soon, it will be deleted. So I went in and couldn't find my original stuff. I assumed that I'd have to start again so I created a new front page. It's ugly. I miss the original one with graphics and fun stuff. That page seems to be history and it ticks me off. But I found all the other files that I had created so I can still link to those pages. It's all a work in progress. When there is any kind of website to speak of, I will post the news.

A small victory was won when I learned how to change the color of the newly added links under "pay a visit." Yesterday's victory was learning how to add a link entitled something other than the web address. Chernabog received two crazy emails from me - sorry about that. I get wound up over this stuff.

Next hurdle, create more pages in Geocities and link the "website" to the "blog"!!!??? I have web pages saved in PageBuilder through Geocities. I want to access them and edit them but when I go to open a file I receive this error message: "The PageWizard will be converted to Yahoo!PageBuilder format. Once saved, you will not be able to reopen it with PageWizard." How concerned should I be? If these files are converted to Yahoo!PageBuilder, how will I access and edit in the future? Especially since PageWizard is the Geocities tool I need to build the pages? Oy, it's enough to make me plotz already. Not to mention that after I visit the website a couple of times, I'm denied access. It seems only a couple of viewings are permitted per day since I don't have enough bandwidth? Or something. Wonder if it's worth upgrading and actually spending money??? Share your thoughts if you have them. Or if you know of a more powerful, easy-to-use, and free way to create a site, PLEASE let me know.

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