March 14, 2005


Because Regence BlueShield coughed up an incentive check this year, my co-workers and I decided we should spend it while we had it. We set off two blocks from the office to The Oceanaire Seafood Room, a tony eating spot that boasts of the freshest fish and the biggest flower arrangements.

The place is decked out like a 30's era ocean liner with music to match. If one was in the mood one could sink a veritable treasure at lunch. However, the lunch menu does provide selections that won't necessarily wash you up on shore in tatters. Still, The Oceanaire is the kind of place that is considered a special treat. Currently, the lunch menu is offering a chef's seasonal prix fixe, three course meal for $14.95. There is also soup and salad, simple fish and chips, Costa Rican dayboat mahi-mahi, Hawaiian wahoo, fish stew, and one of my favorites - fish tacos (it's fancier then it sounds). The food was fabulous and nobody needed a doggie bag. I think the next time we go at least half of us will be ordering the chicken salad which is served with apple wedges in half of a head of iceberg lettuce . We saw enough of these go past our table to whet our appetites for next time.

The only drawback to this whole affair is that it took three hours! Not sure why. Granted, we had nine people at our table. But other tables were almost as large and came and went before we even got dessert. You would think that it's kind of an unwritten rule that lunch crowds are on a bit of a schedule. Perhaps before we order next time we will mention that time is a concern. Below are a few shots I captured during lunch.

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