March 18, 2005

Friday at last and pay day too! A busy night awaits. After free wine tasting at Tarragona Wine & Food, J and I will be buzzing around the homestead making pepperoni bread, cooking beans for bean dip, boiling eggs for deviled eggs, thawing J's homemade Asian meatballs, cranking KEXP or KBCS and cleaning house. We are preparing for tomorrow's going away party for Mary. She is moving back to Buffalo next week. At her specific request, we are throwing her a party. But she's bringing her own cake.

The garden enjoyed the rain and there are bursts of green everywhere. By the time I return from my trip home I will probably harvest a little arugula. Neighbor G has decided that the holly tree has stood in his way to build an arbor for his patio. He has decided to remove the tree with our help. Stay tuned for pictures of that project. He gets his arbor and we get more southern exposure for the garden! It's a win-win.

J wants bubble tea. She just called to ask if I was also in the mood for an indulgence later. Sure, why not? It's been months since I've had a bubble tea. Something to look forward to after work.

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