March 22, 2005


To the blogger I left the comment/question for this morning: If you've come to this page to see if I'm some kind of weirdo, I understand. It's only after finding other bubble tea links that I've concluded that your mention of Madison was not Madison, OH. However, I still believe that your mention of Cleveland is Cleveland, OH, right? Regardless, I'm sorry to have troubled you. It's just that I got really excited when I thought that there was a chance of getting bubble tea anywhere in northeast OH. If you like bubble tea too, I'm sure you understand. Have a good day!


  1. I'm the blogger you left the comment with. I don't know if you'll check this now that you're in NE OH, but the best bubble tea is at #1 Pho on Payne in downtown Cleveland. Sorry for the confusion - the Madison I was referring to was in Wisconsin.

  2. Thanks for the clarification. I was just at Pho Hoa which is right next door to #1 Pho. But I'll be back to that block now that I know I can get Pho and bubble tea.