March 10, 2005


Thank you Jennifer for admitting in an email to me that you read bodanzarama and also read the Northwest News! Thanks very much! There will be another issue (of what I'm not sure but in the newsletter genre) in April.

In the works are a second blog being created on I want to see what other free blog sites have to offer. is the latest guinea pig. As with most internet experiments, it's usually only a matter of minutes before some feature doesn't do what they claim it will do. Such is the case with So we shall see what the support people say in answer to my questions - if I receive answers at all. If the answers are to my liking, then I will continue. If not, then ciao to MyBlogSite. Any free blog site suggestions please let me know.

Hey, not-very-Anonymous-comment person, we had steer poop in the car. Need I say more?

Will it ever rain again? Washington is facing a serious drought situation. The government muckety-mucks are meeting on it very soon to discuss emergency options, particularly in eastern Washington. J and I are researching some water preservation techniques beyond the ones we already practice. We thought about getting a rain barrel but what would we put in it? Once we convert to "green" laundry detergent the option of "gray water" is available at least for the non-vegetable plants. We'll see what happens. I'm sure you're all dying to know.

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  1. i use livejournal for my blog. they have free accounts, and you can also get a paid account for more options. but you can do a lot, even with a free one.

    thats the one i got tina signed up on.

    feel free to ask me any questions