March 08, 2005


We are experiencing another fabulous day in the Northwest. No rain, a fair amount of sun, but above all - warm temperatures. It's about 65 degrees and breezy. I wish, I wish, I wish I were at home in the garden digging in the dirt and wiping it on my clothes. Discovered a new pest on the garlic and the leeks. A scary, pointy inch-worm thing. Ate much of the greenery. Bastards! Will look into natural pest control this weekend. Will have to find my shorts and give them all a wash. And I suppose I will have to start shaving my legs more consistently. Damn. It's a pain but I guess it's worth it. Work is slow. It's time to go home soon. Hopefully I can duck out of here in about 10 minutes and walk to catch the #8 bus. This is all very interesting, I know. Stayed tuned for all the fabulous details of my life.

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