March 01, 2005

The rain was short-lived. Today we have blue sky, bright sun and it’s 57 degrees.

Look for the first edition of the Northwest News in an e-mail box near you soon. This is the first edition created with a computer. It’s the beginning of a new era. Hope you can all open PDF files.

Speaking of cell phones, J has gently shoved me into the 21st century by bringing home one for me over the weekend. Now if I just remember to carry it with me and/or turn it on it might actually prove useful. But I make no promises. I reserve the right to retain any and all Luddite membership perks (Sally, thank you for reminding me of this wonderful word!). I’ll pass out the number by request only and only if I approve your request. Fill out your request in duplicate and send to me along with 2 identical photos (2 inches x 2 3/4 inches), and a jar of Adam’s All Natural Peanut Butter.

Just because I have a cell phone doesn’t mean I have changed my position on using the cell phone on the bus. I still firmly believe that the practice should be outlawed. Actually, the practice of talking at all on the bus should be a crime. Talking and listening to music. Both have got to go. The music is usually audible and usually stinks. The converstaions are torturous at best. And they go on and on. Let’s start with yesterday. The bus driver was overheard opining on the history of Mars, "Oh I thouroughly believe that Mars was scoured clean about thirty thousand years ago. I really do." Mind you, his mouth was right by the microphone so we all heard this and everything else he said about the Universe. Nevermind what he might have meant by this comment - just keep your comments to yourself. Dude, I have my theories too - but shut it.

OK, time to head to Kinko's and then catch a bus (hopefully a silent bus) that will take me part of the way home. Then a nice walk.

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