March 07, 2005


Another great NW weekend. Friday Julie fired up the grill and flame-broiled herself a steak, some turkey sausage for Mary and a great piece of talapia for me. We watched the movie "Sordid Lives." Pretty funny if you can stay awake for the whole thing, or at least 20 minutes. Apparently, I am the only one who can. Julie and Mary were snoozing shortly into the film. It's not a reflection of the film. It's clearly a reflection of each of them. And they know it.

Saturday there was grocery shopping, hardware hunting, backpack exploring and yardwork. At the grocery store we saved big time. The store ran their popular $10 coupon plus we had the $5 off coupon from the Entertainment book plus all the store deals plus a discount of $.03 for each bag we brought from home in which to pack the groceries. We always bring at least three canvas totes in which we pack our groceries. Please consider doing the same. Yesterday we used not one grocery store bag to pack up.

Our trip to Greenwood True Value hardware store was a success. Greenwood is not our neighborhood but we really like their hardware store. We want to shop locally and we try to avoid Lowe's if at all possible. The owner of the Greenwood store, Marty, is always helpful and takes the time to explain things. We purchased some new hardware for the kitchen sink and a new timer switch for the fan in the bathroom. He even let us borrow a special wrench for working on the parts under the sink. Julie then replaced the kitchen faucet and bathroom timer. That bathrrom remodelling class is really paying off. Plus, she got me a present - every girl's dream - a wheelbarrow! So I set to work in the yard. After the kitchen and bathroom repairs, we donned the backpacks and headed to the Madison Market. You can buy several kinds of oils in bulk and this is what we needed.

Yesterday we went to Luther Burbank Park with Sally. A pretty place, on Mercer Island and right along Lake Washington. Nice trails, a dog park, plenty of picnic spots. The weather was down right warm. The rest of the day I worked int he yard and then we cooked all sorts of yummy things and stuffed our freezer with lunches and dinners for the future.

Back to work today. Yuck. What a dull existence for these 8 hrs of the day.

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  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I can't believe you were at our hardware store and didn't stop by. Should I take it personally? Of course not - I know you were on a mission. K