March 22, 2005


Mrs. Aitch,

I read more of your blog and did discover that Pho Hoa offers bubble tea and it sounds like (from your 11/7/2004 entry) bahn mi. I will make a point of going now. Thanks.


  1. Agnes,

    I'm glad you found the information you needed. I was afraid if I emailed you today, you might not get it until you got back from your trip.

    Just FYI, in case you get this before you go to Pho Hoa, there is another (and more easy-to-spot) restaurant a couple of doors down from Pho Hoa called #1 Pho. I've never been there because it seemed like less of a dedicated noodle house and, I thought from looking in the window and at the menu, like a more general Vietnamese restaurant.

    It may be very good, but we loved the pho at Pho Hoa so much, we always go back there instead of trying #1 Pho.

    I hope you make it to Pho Hoa and that you find it to be as good as I do. I've never had their bubble tea, but I have had their sandwiches, and they were very good.

  2. Also, they aren't open real late at night. I think they close as early as 7 some nights (I think their main business is for lunch) so you might want to call if you're going around that time.

    Oh, and I would be thrilled to have you mention my blog on your blog.