December 01, 2005


As I returned to my desk at work, after my second of FOUR scheduled meetings today (thankfully, one was cancelled), I was excited to see snow falling on downtown Seattle! Doesn't happen often and never stays for long but it's still fun to see. Still don't ever want to live where it snows for real but I can enjoy the rare event because it doesn't snow for real in this town. Now that I am home for the day, I'm encouraged to see that some snow has managed to stick. Of course, my dream is for it to continue to snow, for the temperature to fall and for "school" to close tomorrow. No doubt that I will be checking the inclement weather line as soon as I rise in the morning. Julie, on the other hand, wishes for it to stop snowing. Her job only gets more difficult when the weather gets crappy. Sorry, Julie, my wishes are more fun than yours in regard to snow.

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