December 27, 2005

Christmas Eve morning walked to Madison Market for a few last minute tasty items and to take advantage of the chilly but dry weather. That day Concetta created a fabulously large and delicious bread stuffed with Italian sausage, cheese, and fried peppers and onions. Man, did the house smell great. Even our biggest baking sheet was a bit too tight of a fit for this behemoth but we endured.

That evening we were joined by Stephanie and her very yummy, homemade panatone bread pudding, and Sally and her savory roasted squash. This is sounding creppy so let's move on. There was lots of good food and lots of laughing.

Christmas morning was a lazy one. We eventually ran over to Fuel for fuel. How delighted were we to discover that Fuel was open on Christmas Eve and Christmas day!? The owner just couldn't let us drink crappy Charbucks or Dully's on the holiday. Thank you!

We opened our wonderful gifts and ate sausage bread and fried egg sandwiches, and talked to family members over the phone. We nibbled on homemade biscotti from Carol, homemade biscotti from Jackie, pizzelles from Aunt Fran, and a very rich and tasty bundt cake from Dave and Steph from Nothing Bundt Cakes. This cake was Chocolate Chocolate Chip with cream cheese frosting. It didn't last long.

After watching several episodes of Will & Grace Season 2 (thank you, Iva), we donned our coats and gloves and headed to Seward Park for a walk. The park wasn't crowded but was pretty busy for a major holiday. Fresh air and a respite from the rain was too attractive for some of us. We were so full from nibbling left-overs that we didn't eat dinner until about 8:30. Julie roasted a chicken stuffed with rosemary, lemon and onions. Damn was it good! There was also broiled asparagus and kabocha squash. At least, I'm almost sure it was a kabocha. Whatever it was it was very good.

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