December 20, 2005


The night before Stephanie and Mark's party was the Neighborhood Block Watch potluck. This is where we discovered Trader Joe's Sweet Kalamata Spread. Unfortunately, we didn't find it in the store. The search continues.

The following weekend was dinner at Victoria Bozzacco's for the first time. Victoria is an excellant cook. She made spanikopita, onions in a balsamic reduction, roasted red pepper hummus and an olive focaccia bread (the recipe for which she said is based on this Harvest Focaccia recipe). Don't forget the chocolate pecan pie. All of this was homemade and delicious. We also got to meet Victoria'a intended, Glen, who drove down from Darrington. Sally was there too and it was a fun and relaxing evening.

The next day was a party at Time and Ellen's. This was our first time at their place. They had great decorations (must have disco ball ornament!) and very yummy food. Tim, the homemade ketchup was great. Ellen, those puff pastries stuffed with olives - delish! The lamp in the bedroom - very phallic. I know, I know, Ellen, "There's one in the house!"

Finally, we wrapped up last weekend with a little food by attending Andrea's cookie exchange party. We bring a half dozen cookies for each person (couple) and receive the same in return. Our frezzer is full of homemade cookies. It was a fun party and there was lots of good food. Whitney, the salmon dip and spinach dip were very tasty. Andrea's nephew Aiden chewed on his hand for a while and seemed satisfied.

Add to all of this eating madness the container of cookies we received in the mail from Carol. Plus, my mom tells me to look for a package from her neighbor, Jackie. this means only one thing - homemade biscotti. Oy! Everyone please come over and eat.

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