December 26, 2005


Friday I was off work so Concetta and I hit the road and ran a bajillion errands, including picking up the Christmas tree. This was day three of looking for the tree. I never thought finding a tree would prove so tedious. I don't want to hear I waited too late. I started looking on the 21st. Since when do tree lots close up shop so damn early? Not everyone wants the tree in the house a freakishly long time. The day after Thanksgiving is a ridiculous target date for tree trimmings and I make no apologies about it. Swanson's nursery had trees and all were beautiful and all were 50% off. In addition to our Swanson's dollars earned over the summer, we spent no more for the tree than we usually would buying it on Capitol Hill at the Seattle Aids Support Group sale. But we missed that sale because they closed up shop before the 21st. We prefer to support that charity but desperate times call for desperate measures. Frankly, the tree from Swanson's was far superior in appearance and quality than any we have purchased from SASG but we will be back to SASG next year - a week earlier.

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