December 18, 2005


Yes, I'm way behind. December is outrageously busy. We have attended dinners and parties every weekend. Plus the general holiday prep work to the house on top of the continued purging. The month began with a craft fair at the Phinney Neighborhood Association Winter Craft Fair on December 4th. Julie and Sally and Neva and I baby-stepped our way through two buildings of artisan everything and the place was crawling with, as Neva puts it, "Yuppies and their larvae." Well, there were lots of toddlers and not all of them attended properly. Toddlers do not belong on the stairs. The craft fair is neither the place nor the time to let the little ones explore and learn stairs. Many parents were dazed. You know what, stay home, get a sitter, leave the kids with the grandfolks. But don't bring them to the craft fair for play time. It's not only annoying, it's dangerous.

After the Phinney fair we headed to the
Sakya Monestery of Tibetan Buddhism for another craft gig and a free tour of the monastery. We have visited the outside before but weren't allowed in simply because we were not attending any services here. But the craft fair was our chance to see some traditional Tibetan craftwork and a peek inside the beautiful monastery. I took two photos before I realized that photos were not allowed. Check out the beautiful mandalas on the ceiling. I hope my karma doesn't suffer. At the crat sale I scored on two rings. Cheap but pretty in an old Tibetan way.

Sally, Julie and I went to The Library Cafe for lunch. They make their own veggie burger and it's delicious. Lots of teas, full espresso bar, yummy breakfasts.

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