October 21, 2005


Last night we went out for dinner. It does happen. We revisited Annapurna Cafe, a place on Broadway serving a combination of cuisines from Nepal, Tibet, and India. Why did we wait so long to return? The food is delicious. Can we speak on the authenticity? Of course not. But it tastes damn good. I’ve read several reviews that generally like the place but pick on this or that. Bottom line, good food, friendly people, good location, reasonable price. What’s the problem?

We really ordered too much food but it’s so difficult to narrow it down when everything looks so good. We started with two appetizers. The first one was Bhartha Dip: roasted eggplant blended with spices, peas, and tomatoes served with
naan. Of course, once we got home I hit the Interent for Bhartha recipes so this is a dish that I’ll be trying at home very soon. Here are a few that I found:

Baigan Bhartha and
Eggplant with Fragrant Spices & Herbs (Bhartha) And this variation:
Eggplant & Pepper Dip with Yogurt, Garlic & Walnuts

Next we had Spinach Momo: Tibetan style (vegetarian) dumplings served with three
chutneys of peanuts, spicy tomato, and cilantro and sesame.

For dinner Julie had one of the current specials, Royal Lamb Kawaf "Tender cubes of lamb marinated with yogurt, garam masala, herbs sauce and cooked in traditional Newari style with onions, garlic, freshly ground spices and served with your choice of Brown or Basmati rice." It was great. Some of the remaining juice was poured on my leftover rice that came with me (along with half of my meal) to work today for lunch.

I had asked for the non-vegetarian Thali but received the vegetarian
Thali. No matter. It was delicious. Thali is basically an Indian combo platter. This version came with palak paneer, tofu vegetable curry, basmati rice, dal, papadum, naan, vegetable pakoras, mango and mint chutneys and dessert. There was also a small salad with a spicy, mustardy dressing, and sambar, a tangy lentil soup.

We ate ourselves into a stupor. But I have a great lunch today. We have also been to the Himalayan Sherpa Restaurant In the University District and really enjoyed it. Yesterday I discovered
The Everest Kitchen while online. This is the next place we will try. Looks like they have a Christmas Buffet. I’m all for that.

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