October 04, 2005

By far my favorite farm was K-Jo Farm. It's a 5 acre homestead in the middle of Vashon that practices sustainable, organic agriculture while being creative with available resources. Nothing goes to waste here. I really dug their mini PVC hoop houses though they were not in the shape of a hoop. They also had a full sized hoop house that, again, I eyed lasciviously. With just some PVC, plastic, wood and nails they grew tomatoes and peppers. Still ripening on the vine on October 1! They also have pasture-raised dairy goats, chickens, ducks, & pigs on a small scale, small budget farm. This is exactly how I would farm if I had a farm. There was a guy pressing apples into cider. I bought a quart and man oh man does it taste great. Nothing but apple juice straight from press to bottle. Julie scored on some homemade pumpkin pie. A woman blacksmith was making dinner bells and horseshoes and there was a fresh batch of chicks under the heat lamps in one of the sheds. Someone made some goat cheese and we had a taste of that. There was also homemade pesto. Admittedly, I like mine better but hey...I really dug K-JO. I'll have my own K-Jo one day.

The weather managed to hold pretty well. While at K-Jo the clouds opened up hard but fast. We had shelter while we sipped the cider and ate the pumpkin pie. We did catch some lightening and thunder while waiting for the ferry back home. Pretty dramatic to see parts of the storm move across the water and see different parts of the landscape disappear behind the rain then reemerge after it passed.

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  1. Linda in W.Seattle6:54 AM

    When I was a girl we had an orchard of 10 apple trees. The next-door neighbors had a few trees too, but more importantly they had a cider press. Sometimes in the fall they would bring their press next to our adjoining fence and we would squeeze the daylights out of our apples. We would fill every jug and Mason jar we had, then store them in the fruit house (an above-ground dirt floor root cellar) for the rest of the season. When you talked about how mmm-mmm good that cider was, it took me back 50 years. Thanks.