October 04, 2005

The rain didn't keep us from the West Seattle Farmer's Market on Sunday. We met Sally for coffee at Speranza, then trekked the 1.25 miles to the market. By the time we arrived the rain was in full gear and so were we. I hate wearing rain gear and I hate wearing a hood. What good did it do? By the time we shopped and walked back to the car my hair was soaked anyway. Did I buy non-waterproof waterproof gear? I didn't think so when I slapped down the money for the name-brand jacket. Whatever, we had fun regardless (but I still hate wearing a hood). The market was no less busy in spite of the rain.

Julie and I then headed to Larry's Market because the weekly flyer held promise. We scored on several items including giant red, yellow and orange bell peppers for $.99 a pound! Portobellos for $2.97 a pound. Plus, there were plenty of samples strategically placed throughout the place. Pesto pasta, salsa, cranberry scones, spiced cider, about six differnt sausage samples, french bread, etc. We didn't even need to make lunch when we got home.

Once we got home we set to work on two separate soups. Mostly Julie's projects, I did lots of chopping. She eventually made a great white bean soup with veggies and endive and escarole and a lima bean soup flavored with a big ham hock. Thanks to our Chinook Book we scored a FREE loaf of crusty bread (my favorite kind with the seeds on top) from Essential Baking Company. Julie was wise to choose the Parisian Baguette, my favorite. I know, I know, I am a not a fan of things French, but the seeds on top of this bread are the best part. It's not my fault it's called Parisian. As for the soups, they were delish! Julie is a superb soup chef.

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