July 25, 2005

Sunday morning we got a late start. By the time we ate breakfast and left the house it was 10 o'clock. That's pretty late for us. Walked to Fuel way down on 19th for coffee. It opened in March and we kind of forgot about it. We have recently rediscovered it and really like it. While sipping the blissful lattes, we scribbled our game plan for the remainder of the day. Always so much to do.

In the garden we lament the loss of a tub of potatoes. We lost the plant to blight but I found plenty of small potatoes in the depths of the dirt. The remaining two potato plants are doing ok, but do have the blight to a ceratin degree. The potatoes I managed to salvage from the dead plant range in size from as big as an extra large egg to as samll as a pea. All sizes will taste delicious once tossed with olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper and roasted in the oven.

We ate the first green beans of the year. The plants have grown up the side of the house about 9 feet. Also enjoyed more broiled zucchini. Planted some various green and red lettuce starts that I've been growing inside. Actually have three tomatoes ripening. Things kind of got off to a slow start with our crazy weather. I have no idea if things will catch up. But I'm looking forward to planting plenty of fall harvest goodies and growing some things year rowund in the cold frame.

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