July 09, 2005


I wonder if many folks know that there is a Tibetan Buddhist Temple in the heart of greenwood. The Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism is located on the conrer lot of a residential street. The monastery is open to the public for a wide variety of meditation sessions, education, spiritual blessings and prayer. Outside the monastery is a circle of prayer wheels and a large stupa. It's the white bell-shaped figure with the golden pillar on it. From this stupa information website I learned that the Tibetan word for a stupa is "Chorten," which means "the basis of offering." This word I am familiar with but was unaware of what one actually looked like. The website goes on to explain that the stupa, or "Spiritual Monument," represents the "Buddha's body, his speech and his mind, but most especially his mind and every part shows the path to Enlightenment."

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