July 10, 2005


Sunday we accomplished quite a number of projects. I worked in the yard resowing seeds and scheming up ways to keep Henry out of the garden. Often after I resow seeds, he's in there christening the area. He likes the newly moistened, dark, smelly compost. I noticed he had done this to a new carrot patch when the seeds sprouted all in the same area, as if they had been pushed into a little carrot seed hill. A dead give away. I resowed the seeds again and then used string and thin green garden stakes to make a carrot patch cage. So far so good. Did the same with an area in which I am experimenting with carrots, beets, radishes and beans.

Meanwhile, Julie tackled our toilet. It's guts were old and in need of replacement. She went back to Greenwood Hardware because the folks are friendly and knowledgeable. She came home with all the right pieces and set to work. She's amazing. Within an hour and a half we had a new flusher.

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