July 18, 2005


Once home I attacked the yard and the alley with the weed whacker and resowed some seeds. J did the standard grocery shopping. For dinner she prepared a lobster atop a bed of mango and cucumber salsa, roasted sweet potatoes and a tossed salad. She picked up the lobster at Mutual Fish Company, practically a Seattle fish institution. We often buy fish here. She asked the fishmonger dude to kill the thing. But a few hours later when she removed the creature from the fridge, it was very much alive. Shame on Mutual Fish. But J did the deed herself for the first time. I had trouble watching so I walked away. She cut it in half, basted it in an herb butter and grilled it. It was certainly tasty enough but we both agreed that it was too much trouble to eat and you really pay for alot of crap you can't use. We're glad we did it but next time would prefer crab.


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