January 10, 2006

We made our way down The Ave. pretty early in the day so I think we were spared some of the wackos (but we ran into several later that day). Our destination was the Ravenna neighborhood Third Place Books but in the meantime we were happy just to be walking not in the rain. And it was a pretty good walk. From the hotel at 42nd and 11th to the bookstore at 65th and 20th. But it was a great morning to be out and we saw parts of that neighborhood for the first time. On our way we passed Weaving Works where my knitting class begins on the 16th. Hey, Blue Dog Coffee House looked pretty funky so we walked back down there on Sunday. And I finally found Vegan Pizza Pi, the vegan pizza place. I get their newsletter and monthly coupons but never knew where on The Ave. it was located. I'm glad it's down on the north end. Will make it much easier to actually find a parking spot to patronize the place.

Ravenna has wonderful craftsmen homes. Seems to be craftsmen everywhere you look. Doesn't bother us, we really dig that style of house.

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