January 01, 2006


Thursday Andrea, Concetta, Erin and I head up to Than Brothers for a hot bowl of pho. Andrea and Concetta hit R.E.I. after lunch while Erin and I had to return to work. But after work Concetta, Julie and I dined at Annapurna for delicious Tibetan, Nepali, and Indian food. Afterwards, Concetta and I went to see the one, the only, Dina Martina perform her Christmas show at Re-Bar.

Dina Martina is hard to describe. You have to see her to believe her. But we laughed until our faces hurt. And, once again, I was picked on by Ms. Martina but I received a gift for my troubles. Yes, I am (was) the owner of magnificent candy ear wax. Mmmmm good. But I was jealous of the woman who received the toilet seat embellished with a picture of Dionne Warwick. I might have to decorate my own toilet with a has been. While at Re-Bar I learned that Sylvia O'Stayformore (Ben Blair) will be performing Lady Sings The Brews in all through January.

On Friday Concetta was spoiled rotten at Gene Juarez with a facial and a hand and foot massage thanks to a gift from me and Julie. Her face was like a baby's bottom when she was done. We took her smooth butt face to wine tasting at Tarragona.

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