January 10, 2006

Not as much light in Ravenna as the gardener in me would like but it's a great area and I could see this neighborhood on my list of possible places to live. When we reached Third Place Books it was story time! Not sure what the story was but all the kids were digging it. There were pancakes invovled, this much I know. All the kids received a cardboard pancake face when it was over. We hung out here for a while because it started to rain hard and the wind was blowing like mad. Another Chinook Book coupon won us a free baked good with the purchase of one. I tried the vegan raspberry oat muffin and it was damn tasty. Was that a hint of lavender in the recipe? Honey Bear Bakery is on the premises and they make really tasty stuff.

The rain never let up so we hopped a bus back as far as the Safeway on The Ave. Damn that Safeway for not carrying anchovies! What the hell is up with that? I bought the paste as a substitute but it isn't the same as a real anchovy on some cheese on some crusty bread (part of our lunch back at the hotel). But Safeway did have an altercation about to break out in the parking lot and a crazy crack head inside and a cashier who had a bruise the size of calzone on her face. The bruise was on its way out and she had plenty of make-up on it but still. Poor lady. Don't know what happened but I bet it hurt.

Later that evening we went to Cafe Flora for dinner. It was our first time to this Seattle landmark of vegetarianism. All the dishes are vegetarian and many can me made vegan upon request. Cafe Flora boasts the use of local and fresh and organic ingredients. We arrived at 7:45 and the place was packed. We had called ahead to get our name on the wait list so we only hung out about 6 minutes before we were seated. The lentil dijon soup with kale would have been enough and would have made the visit complete. I can't begin to describe how delicious it was. Unfortunately, the recipe is not included in the cook book but a similar one is so we will have to experiment.

I wanted to chow, wanted to bite into my food, wanted to eat fries without eating crappy, unhealthy fries. So I opted for the Curryburger: "A blend of Indian spices, lentils & quinoa on a multi grain bun with sweet tomato chutney, lemon yogurt sauce and choice of wild greens or roasted potatoes." Actually, the choices for side dishes included yam fries and that was the selling point. I loved 'em! Not greasy and full of flavor without being buried in salt. Already sweet so no need for ketchup. Julie chose a more grown-up dinner, the Portobella Wellington: "Grilled portobella mushrooms, leeks and mushroom-pecan pâté in puff pastry with Madeira wine sauce, seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes." No room for dessert after all of this and tons of coffee.

Sunday we went back to Third Place Books, used yet another Chinook Book coupon and picked up the Cafe Flora Cookbook. From this J whipped up the swisschard recipe with the lemon vniagarette...very easy and extremely tasty. The greens hold their flavor and texture and the dressing is just right. The dressing will keep in the refridgerator for a week. We used it on roasted cauliflower last night and it was amazing. I forgot to bring the damn recipe with me where I am as I post. I'll post it soon, promise.

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