June 06, 2005


Sunday morning we picked up our friend Linda in West Seattle and head to the Farmer's Market. Peggy the bread lady wasn't there but her son was so we again sampled the goods but without the pressure to buy and be converted. Picked up two tarragon starts. The market was the only place I have seen tarragon plant starts so far this year. Also grabbed a parsley start. Plenty of fresh produce to be had and we bought our share. We then walked over to Uptown Espresso "Home of The Velvet Foam." Well, not much foam on a rice milk latte but it was delicious. I was envious of J's and Linda's foam. I could tell it was velvet just by looking.

My car desparately needed to be washed so we took care of that. Once clean we discovered the many scratches on the driver's side door left by the dogs at Black River Canoe from our recent camping trip. There should be a sign on the property that reads A. The dogs are friendly so feel free to leave your car before you B. pull up far enough to search for signs of life and my dogs jump on your car. If I took my car to a body shop, this would cost some serious green to make like new. Such is life with a car even if you do only drive it once a week.

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