June 20, 2005


Well, it was just last week I was wondering if the day would come when I would see a bald eagle fly over the house. It's not that bald eagles aren't common around here. Just toodle a mile down to Lake Washington or 22 blocks to Puget Sound and you might see one, sure. But there isn't much water in the Central District. Then again, he was probably just going from one water source to another. We were sitting here having after dinner conversation with Dianna and I suddenly saw one, flying low and slow and coming right at us. My arm automatically went up and I blurted out, "Eagle!" We all stopped and watched it fly over and away. He wasn't in a hurry but there wasn't any time to grab a camera. First a dragonfly, now an eagle. What's next? Anyway, it was exciting and it's always fun to see an eagle.

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