June 18, 2005


I saw Henry take a jump towards something. I also had heard a slight buzz and a bit of a splat noise right before he jumped. He's always chasing bugs. Occasionally he can take down a moth but that's the extent of his hunting skills. J and I both looked to see what he might have found and were surprised to find a giant dragonfly. First time one has ever come to our yard. Because I'm a huge goober when it comes to this stuff, I ran and got not one but two cameras. I first started clicking right away with the digital because I was sure the dragonfly wouldn't stick around - it's not in his nature. But I think he was a bit stunned, either from hitting the Rubbermaid container or from a paw swat from the cat. Either way, he was easy to pick up for a closer look. Where his shoulder blades would be was vibrating. The fuzzy little hairs were moving really fast. J set him on the flowers so he could recover from whatever was ailing him. I was snapping away with a Nikon (better macro capabilities) when he took off. There are too many pictures of this dragonfly but we might never see one again in our yard.

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